Why hoverboard is becoming a popular sport and why you should have one

Some people are apprehensive about buying these gadgets because they think that they could be expensive. However the truth is that they are not really beyond the reach of the common man’s pocket. Another question in mind of most people is – what exactly are these self balance scooters really like and why you should buy a Hoverboard. The answer to this simple question is that you should buy one of these because they are the future and you have to ride one to know how simply awesome they are. With the help of the self balance technology you can travel in a manner that you never thought possible earlier.


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What makes hoverboards popular?

When you step on the board you should think about moving forward and shift the weight of your upper body a little forward. You will see that the platform on your feet starts to move forward in a seamless manner. It will hover forward, and backwards and because it has a zero turning radius, you can turn it in place easily. These gadgets make you look cool while allowing you to save energy, move quietly and balance on a really great looking gadget which makes heads turn. The best part is that this gadget can reach up till jogging speed.

How to buy one

Some people may already be thinking about buying hoverboards and may be looking for one online. On the other hand many may be ready to buy them but not sure because they can be very expensive if you do not know where to buy them. Lot of companies will sing praises of their hoverboards but the fact is that all of them give the same performance so make sure you don’t go out and spend an exorbitant amount of money on a hoverboard.

The best way to buy one is to search on your favorite search engine using the relevant keywords. This will bring up a large number of websites offering different types of hoverboards. You can compare several sites and short list 3-4 of them. Once this is done place a phone call to the companies with the help of the contact information on the websites. A few pertinent questions will give you an idea of which company you should opt for. With this method of buying hoverboards you will be able to find the best quality at the most reasonable price.

Once you are in possession of one of the hoverboards the next question is how to enjoy it the most. For this purpose you can join some online forums which carry a lot of conversations from -some people who own hoverboards. This will not only give you an idea of how to best enjoy them but also how to best look after them. Hence if you are seriously thinking about buying hoverboards then you should not allow anything to stop you.



Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board Review Voted #1

This is was voted #1 because of its high quality score due to the Samsung battery that provides safety and endurance. The superior design quality is unrivaled by competitors. In our full review we will reveal exactly why this is the highest recommended board in our opinion.
Leray™ Self Balancing Scooter Review Voted #2

This was voted #2 because of the rising contention that this is the best value with the most trusted producers behind the construction of the hoverboard. We are confident you wil be satisfied with this make and model. The speed on this hoverboard segway is maximized.

The Powerboard by Hoverboard Review Voted #3

We voted this self balancing smartboard #3 because we reviewed their replacement part policy and it is beneficial for securing your investment. Unlike the chinese vendors this company has robust coverage for any damage or failure.

White Self Balancing Scooter By HoverTech Review Voted #4

The White Self Balancing Scooter By HoverTech was voted #4 because of its fast shipping policy and customer satisfaction. What we discovered about this hoverboard was the extra level of quality and Samsung battery. The US Certification is always a great reassurance.

So You Can Feel Secure and Safe…
  • US Certified Scooters
  • Samsung Core Batteries
  • Zero Degree Tilt
  • 9-12 MPH Average For Speed
  • Up To 4-6 Hours of Riding Time
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Replacement Parts Policy and Program
  • Charger Included along with Case
  • Superior Design
  • LED Lights and Self Balancing
Enjoy Hours Of Speed and Fun
Let’s Discuss a Few Things You Must Know When You Invest In 2 Wheeled Hoverboards Today…
image-photographyWhen it comes to safety on hoverboards one must take the precautions necessary to avoid injury. They have been numerous reports of injuries and the latest addition to the hazardous conditions is that the hoverboard are exploding and catching on fire. In a recent video by ABC News it documents the hazardous conditions of some of the lithium ion batteries. it seems that certain people have experienced the hoverboard they own burst into flames and catch on fire. It is recommended to make sure that you keep the hoverboard in a dry place away from fabrics and any flammable textile when charging. We’ve all experienced the hype of the self balancing scooter but we now need to look beyond the hype and become more responsible. As we all know a lot of these hover boards are made in China and their construction can be questionable once we pass the phase of sensationalism. What I mean by that is once we all become aware of the defected, hazardous conditions, and malfunctions, we can then build a standard profile on what to expect from a healthy hoverboard. We shouldn’t confuse quality craftsmanship with a trendy moment in time. I have reviewed U.S. certified producers that use Samsung core batteries. With millions of hoverboards being sold there had to be some defective ones and this is what is beginning to surface in the media.

Since safety is an issue we urge you to add safety equipment to your riding gear so that you can protect yourself and your family from injury. We cannot make the assumption that the hoverboard is a toy it must be treated like a real vehicle because of the speed and exposure to injury.In the perspective of the razor scooter era it must be noted that at least the Razor scooter had handlebars and some sort of controlling function beyond the bipedal use. A skateboard is not a motorized vehicle and people have suffered horrific injuries riding them. So please use your best judgement when riding a hoverboard and do not take it lightly because safety must come first. If you know for a fact that you received a hoverboard from China you need to take the proper safety precautions and make sure when it is charging it is not around any fabric or anything that is flammable. At Electric 2 Wheeled Hoverboards we want to keep You informed about updates and breaking news about the hoverboard industry and any related topics.